Office Chairs

office chair

Many people actually fail to consider that office chairs in Melbourne play an important role in the workplace – they not only provide comfort to employees and visitors, they add to the professional appearance of the space.

Types of Chair

  • Task: Also known as computer, these are the kinds of chairs that employees will use on a daily basis. Because so many hours are spent sitting down, it is important that you choose an ergonomic design.
  • Visitors: As their name suggests, this seating is provided for visitors to the workplace, either in the reception area or in private offices. They certainly need to be comfortable but don’t have to be ergonomic.
  • Lunchroom: As their name suggests, these chairs are located in the break or lunchroom of the workplace. Because they are likely to come into contact with food, they should be fairly easy to clean.
  • Training/Auditorium/Lecture: As their names suggests, this kind of seating is often found in training rooms, auditoriums and lecture rooms. It should be comfortable, but easy to stack for storage.