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office workstations

Fitting out your new office can be just like building a house. If you find yourself working from home, then you may need to do both! We strongly recommend creating a space for yourself that is purely for business. Whether you decide to use a spare bedroom as your study, or you convert an outdoor building into your headquarters, it’s incredibly important for you to be able to separate your work and home life.

What Will I Need to Do?

Indoors: In creating a space that feels professional and orderly, you may discover that changes to your home may be necessary.

  • Space Planning:This service involves critically assessing the workplace’s available space and determining how it can be best put to use. This is when floor plans and layouts are drawn up.
  • Interior Design:This service involves the appearance of the workplace and how your business is being visually presented. Colour and branding are of vital importance during this step.
  • Joinery:This service involves the construction of cabinetry and the like that is custom for your workplace. The joinery can either be built into the space or it can be portable (to be taken with you).
  • Ceilings/Floor Coverings:This service involves the selection of materials for use as the ceilings and floor coverings of the workplace. New ceilings and flooring can even be added if desired.

Contact us for our list of preferred custom home builders to ensure that your home office is renovated to the highest standard.

Outdoors: While it can seem difficult preparing the inside of your home for business, having a professional façade can be just as important, especially if potential clients are visiting your home office.

  • Doors: Consider a separate entrance for any customers, so they aren’t having to walk around children’s toys in the living room. Custom doors can create an impressive entrance space, which can easily be designed to reflect the style of your business.
  • Pergolas: If you need a dry area to store products outside, or perhaps a nice space for your clients to wait under if you often have multiple meetings throughout the day, then custom pergolas or verandas can easily be tailored to your needs.
  • Fencing: This is crucial if you are storing any valuable items in your home office and can also give you and your clients an added sense of privacy.