Is Collaborative Office Furniture The Right Choice For My Workplace?


It seems as if the most creative and innovative companies around the world are redesigning their offices to accommodate open floor plans and office furniture that supports many unique working styles and needs. Before you spend lots of money on a collaborative workplace for your business, it is important to first consider whether this is the right move.

We have outlined some of the best ways to put collaborative office furniture to use. Before making your final decision, we recommend that you read through them to determine whether your workplace will benefit or whether the space will go to waste:

Ideal way to host meetings, conferences, interviews and brainstorming sessions.
Whether you are hosting a formal departmental meeting or an impromptu brainstorming session with some of your brightest employees, a collaborative space is definitely the way to go. The furniture is, by definition, relaxing and enjoyable – this will put everyone at ease and allow ideas to flow freely. Think outside the conference room and consider the addition of fun, colourful pieces to really get the creative juices flowing.

Ideal way to start team building activities.
These collaborative spaces are also perfect for team building activities. If you’re looking to get your team more involved in the company mission, meet and get to know each other a little better, or letting everyone know that they should feel at home when at work, this is the perfect solution. Choosing furniture in vibrant colour, unique shapes and organic layouts will help to further the sense of community you are trying to develop, especially in breakout rooms and recreational spaces.

Ideal way to host virtual client meetings.
Many businesses who have gone the collaborative route have found that the furniture is incredibly versatile and functional. If your business regularly holds virtual meetings through online applications (like Skype or GoToMeeting), it’s important to ensure that your workplace allows you to stay connected. Much of the collaborative furniture available today is fully IT equipped, allowing you to charge your computer or smartphone whilst hosting the meeting.

Whilst there is certainly an argument that collaborative office furniture will benefit every business, it is important to consider whether any of the above points are applicable to your needs. If they aren’t, you may not find a shift to the collaborative side of things as beneficial as someone else. It is important to determine whether the decision is the right one for you.