Office Design


office design

We believe that, when it comes to office interior design, you are only limited by your imagination. It is important to understand the ways in which your business operates to ensure that your design is the best possible solution.

Types of Services

  • Space Planning: This service involves critically assessing the workplace’s available space and determining how it can be best put to use. This is when floor plans and layouts are drawn up.
  • Interior Design: This service involves the appearance of the workplace and how your business is being visually presented. Colour and branding are of vital importance during this step.
  • Joinery: This service involves the construction of cabinetry and the like that is custom for your workplace. The joinery can either be built into the space or it can be portable (to be taken with you).
  • Ceilings/Floor Coverings: This service involves the selection of materials for use as the ceilings and floor coverings of the workplace. New ceilings and raised floors can even be added if desired.