Office Storage


office storage

Adequate office storage is essential for every business, as this will prevent the workplace from becoming cluttered, improve the professional appearance of the space and ensure that everything is easy to find.

Types of Storage

  • Filing Cabinets:As their name suggests, the primary function of these cabinets is to store and organise files. There is a range of sizes available, ensuring that your filing needs are met.
  • Units:A storage unit could involve drawers, cupboard doors or even a caddy. Generally, there is drawer or shelving space to organise a range of items that are necessary for the workplace.
  • Lockers:As their name suggests, a locker is a place where items can be stored and locked away. They are often given to employees as a secure place to keep their possessions while at work.
  • Storewall:As their name suggests, this wall provides an array of storage solutions that can sometimes be rearranged. This is a relatively new product on the industry and is fully customised.