Window Coverings


office design

Windows are often forgotten about when designing and planning a new office.That’s because they are seen as part of the structure, rather than something that can be changed with modern trends. However, quality blinds and curtains can make a great addition to any office, and can tie the look of a room together. With the right window treatments, you won’t just have a beautiful accessory, but you could save money and make your employees more comfortable.

Striking Designs

There is a huge range of styles and designs on the market, so you are almost guaranteed to find an option that suits your brand. Whether your business is modern and polished, or rustic and relaxed, there will be plenty for you to choose from. Window shutters are perfect for a period look, while window valances appear sophisticated and luxurious. You can choose the fabric and design that best suits your brand.

Light Filtration

Havin an office flooded with natural light is lovely until the sun is shining right onto your computer screen. Then you’ll find it impossible to get work done, and you’ll wish for constant cloudy weather. Luckily, there is a middle ground. Window curtains can help you control how much light you let in to your office, from light filtering, all the way through to complete blockout blinds. You’ll be able to protect against glare, and you’ll get added privacy from prying eyes.

Energy Savings

If you choose custom window blinds, you won’t just be able to control the light that you let in, but also how much heat you let out! Up to 25% heating and cooling is lost through your windows, which means if you want to keep your employees comfortable, you’ll need to rely on your aircon. If you use proper furnishings however, you’ll be able to insulate your office against all kinds of weather, keeping the heat out during summer, and your workspace nice and warm during winter.