Office Workstations


office workstations

A number of factors will play a role in the type of office workstations and desk system will best suit your requirements, including: your industry, the size of your business, and your available floor space.

Types of Workstation

  • Desks:This service revolves around helping you to choose the right sort of desks for your employees. Remember that the reception area will have very different needs to your accounts department.
  • Screens:This service revolves around the selection of partitions that run between your desks, providing your employees with a little privacy. They can be full height or half height, depending on your needs.
  • Layout:This service revolves around the use of CAD software to create a custom layout and design for the workstations in your space. This can actually help you to make some very important decisions.
  • Workstations:This service is actually an amalgamation of the three others we have outlined above. Instead of just purchasing a product or getting some help with the layout, you get it all!